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Welcome to the Jazz Juice web site. If you haven't yet experienced the Jazz Juice night then hopefully this site with its information and photo gallery will wet your appetite for a funky night of butt slapping 70s jazz, funk and disco classics.

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Next Jazz Juice... 2018

Bank Holiday Sunday 26th August 2018

26th Birthday !!!

funky disc jockeys spinning a butt slapping mix of 70s jazz funk
and disco classics to a super cool crowd...
you'd be a funkin' fool to miss it !...

CANVAS... Poole Hill. Bmth
9pm - 3am
... relaxed vibe & dress code

£5 early bird
£6 / £7adv
more on door
tickets on sale at

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pics and info....

On Regularly (check dates page) the night is always packed to the rafters so get your tickets early !

Tickets on sale online at

There is no dress code... & a very relaxed vibe...

more info ....


With summer threatening to burst in to full bloom at any moment, Bournemouth is preparing for three months of mayhem - and no place will be more difficult to get in to on a Saturday night than Jazz Juice.

With the warm nights and party atmosphere even more conducive to wearind ludicrous wigs, ostentatious shirts and flared trousers that could knock small children over, a trip to the bi - weekly night at the Showbar is a must. But get your tickets early - it regularly sells out (B'mth - Daily Echo - Friday May 18th, 2001)

'Bournemouth has to be one of the best club towns in the UK and the Showbar has to be one of the best venues in Bournemouth. Jazz Juice has certainly placed it on the clubbing map. the music policy is 70s jazz, funk, rare groove and disco provided by local dj's (no big names, no big egos!)

The decor is black and white with animal fur banners. The centrepiece is usually an erected chopper (that's a 70s bicycle incidentally!) complete with Starsky and Hutch red fuzz light.

With Bump and Hustle, Jazz Juice is the longest running club night in Bournemouth and is stronger than ever with a virtually unique atmosphere similar to an old-style house party'. (Bournemouth Advertiser Nightlife 98)

No other night looks like it or lasts like it...Last Saturday night saw another mish mash of grooves, kitsch and glitz as the ever popular Jazz Juice returned to its fortnightly gig at the Showbar... ...With more wigs than Burt Reynolds and more polyester than the cast of the Jackson 5, Jazz Juice remains an essential night for 70s funk fetishists and ecentric exhibitionists. With a smooth and funky mix reaching from the 70s to the 90s and the affable atmosphere, Jazz Juice deservedly maintains its status as one of Bournemouth's most popular nights out. (Bournemouth Advertiser - Nightlife 97)

Bournemouth: Jazz Juice -
Heaven might have all the best tunes but hell has all the best dj's at Jazz Juice - and they are wicked. a return to old disco and funkiness, where retro throwbacks and afro-ed wannabes dance on table tops and funk for Jamaica. Arrive early as at 9.30pm the place will be jumping higher than zebedee on acid!!! (Sky Magazine)







Millennium Club. 167 Drury Lane. Covent Garden. WC2. (next to 'cats'). 8pm - 2am. happy hours 8pm-10pm. Few mins from Covent Garden tube. Click for MAP


Bournemouth's favorite funky night 'Jazz Juice' hits Covent Garden for the return of the b'mth reunion party at the Millennium Club - this stylish club is perfect for jazz juice and would not look out of place in a 70s porn film !!! The night will be hosted by the usual funky disc jockeys spinning a 'butt slapping' mix of 70s jazz, funk, and disco classics - a night not to be missed !!!


Advance tickets - members of jj london £5, others £7

Please note - there will be NO tickets on sale on the door !!!

For tickets call rob - 07931 356 954 or email


Jazz Juice has been running for eight and a half years now and has been packing them in twice a month at the acclaimed Showbar on Bournemouth Pier. Now, after numerous requests, the people from Jazz Juice will be transporting this whole unique night with its incredible friendly atmosphere, approachable DJ's and authentic 70s decor up to London for a night of funky sounds.

After the phenomenally successful launch in the West End last year, the south coast's premier 70s jazz funk disco night will hit Covent Garden again (see above for details) to join the mailing list just hit the contact button at the bottom of the page and tap in your email address!

For more info and tickets call 07931 356 954, use the Contact form or email;